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How To Get Views On Youtube Videos

1. Choose Your Views Plan
The first step is to select the plan with a desired quantity of real Youtube views and don’t forget to enter your video link.

2. Finish Your Purchase
Proceed to the payment page to checkout securely. You will receive a confirmation message on your e-mail.

3. Receive Views On Your Video
Your order will be activated within 24 hours. After that, you’ll receive real Youtube views on your video.

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Why you need YouTube Views?

If you think that your video deserves a real kick start in the popularity scheme then this service is definitely right for you. Our service is designed to increase the popularity of your channel and video. Our staff are dedicated to providing your video with human views as soon as your purchase has been completed.


Why Purchase YouTube Video Views?

Buying YouTube Video views will ensure you to give you 100% real views to your videos. Views can be delivered by us to any video you want to promote and best of all is that all views come from the active users of YouTube. By Buying You Tube Views, you increase the chances of getting more business using the potential of Social Media. We offer best of the services and at affordable prices and don’t use any kind of bot generated methods to bring You Tube Views.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to provide my password?

No, we do not need your password to enhance your account with an order of real YouTube views. We will, however, need links to your content. The service does not need to have direct access to your channel. And the personal information won’t be given to third parties while buying YouTube views.

Will YouTube punish me for using your services when I get more views?

No, your content/channel will not be removed or punished. The credibility of the source you buy views from will have a major impact on how the process plays out. For example, when a viewing company only watches your video for 30 seconds at a time (the required minimum for a video view to be counted towards your total) the algorithm will quickly wise up to what you are doing. For this reason, we alternate our video view times between two to four minutes to stay on the right side of the algorithm. 

Can my number of real YouTube views decrease?

Yes. Even when you do everything right while buying YouTube views, it isn’t uncommon for your view count to dip slightly, especially after a major influx of traffic. We estimate that YouTube will erase approximately 10-15% of your purchased views at some point. Consequently, we provide all buyers with 10-15% more organic views than purchased to compensate for this potential loss.

Is it illegal to buy views on YouTube?

Buying views for your Youtube video is not against the law. With that said, please understand there’s a big difference between what is against the law and what is against Youtube’s TOS or Terms of Service.

Getting views using deceptive practices like bots definitely break the TOS and can lead to your account being suspended. Buy views only from legit providers like BuySocialMediaMarketing so you don’t have to worry about Youtube’s TOS.